Trust in Poly Tarps to Protect from Storm Debris

With warmer weather making its way back into our state, it can bring with it some intense storms every so often, and you can protect all your vehicles and equipment from them with heavy duty poly tarps. Known to sometimes get windy enough to throw around debris that can scratch and damage cars, home equipment, and more, storms, no matter where you live, can be protected against when you order tarps from B&G Discount.

Keep out moisture

When you wrap up equipment or a vehicle in some of the heavy duty poly tarps that B&G Discount has to offer, you’re ensuring that whatever you cover is kept safe from any water damage. Great helping to keep things from rusting, our tarps are water resistant, meaning if you cover up well enough, our tarps will keep out rain from storms effectively.

Hold tight

With reinforced corners on all our tarps, you can tie them around your equipment or vehicle and be sure that they won’t break under pressure from storm winds. Sometimes if heavy winds catch a cover the right way, the force of the wind can tear the cover, exposing what you’re trying to keep safe. But, with the poly tarps from B&G Discount, you can cover things and have peace of mind all throughout storms that pass through thanks to the reinforced corners and heavy poly material.

Extra layer

Flying branches, lawn debris, and more can potentially scratch or outright damage equipment or vehicles that you need to cover during heavy storms, and the tarps that we offer will ensure that doesn’t happen. As long as every area of your object is covered, the tarp will handle the rest, standing up against any nuisance debris that could otherwise cause damage.

When you need tarps that can protect what you own, trust in B&G Discount to provide them at a discounted price that you can appreciate. Heavy duty tarps are only a phone call away, so contact us today to get yours before any heavy storms hit!