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Ensure Safety with Protective Eyewear from B&G Discount

Whether you are part of a crew working in a high impact environment with lots of debris, or if you are working on a summer project at home, safety should be one of your priorities. The importance of eye protection in any working environment cannot be understated and ensuring that you have the proper measures to protect their vision means having a good supply of safety glasses and goggles.

Poly Tarps Provide Protection from Summer Storms

As spring turns to summer, the warmer weather can also bring with it summer storms. High winds, heavy rains and even tornados can wreak havoc on homes, yards, vehicles, and equipment, so it is important to employ some method to protect your outdoor belongings when a summer storm rolls through.

Prepare for Spring Cleanup with Hand and Eye Protection

Spring is finally here, but the mess winter left behind is needs attention. While the snow may be gone, you’re still going to need handle brush and debris  which means you’re going to need to protect your hands, eyes, and equipment while taking care of spring cleaning.

Tie-Down Straps Bring in Trees for the Holidays

Family’s that have a tradition of going out and getting a fresh tree from a farm know that quality tie-down straps are the best choice when it comes to transporting the tree. Always too large to fit anywhere else, a fresh Christmas tree needs to somehow be secured to the roof of your vehicle for transport. By using tie-down straps, you can get a tree of any size (if it fits on top of your vehicle) and have peace of mind knowing it will be secure while in transit.

Why You Should Consider Poly Tarps for Protecting Equipment in all Conditions

A protective layer on outdoor equipment with a poly tarp Is always a good idea, no matter where you live or how you store the equipment.

How Crews Safety Glasses Help Businesses Meet Safety Standards

When businesses need safety eyewear for workers, they know that Crews safety glasses from B & G Discount will provide them with a great option at an unmatched price.

Leather Work Gloves Protect Palms During Heavy Workloads

As the weather heats up and outside work kicks back into gear, leather work gloves can be the perfect addition to your workflow to help protect your hands from the physical toil of your labor.

Cord Bungee Straps Hold Down Gear for Road Trips

Even with winter winding down, there are still some that have trips planned that can benefit from cord bungee straps while on the road.

Heavy Duty Tarps Protect Gear in a New Year

With a New Year here and plenty of chances for you to stop in at B&G Discount, you can grab yourself a brand-new heavy-duty tarp to protect all your new gear this year.

Safety Glasses in Kalamazoo Help Homeowners Tackle End-of-the-Year Projects

If you have some end-of-the-year projects that you plan on working on around the house, you can protect yourself with the safety glasses in Kalamazoo from B&G Discount.

Clear Out Weeds in Cooling Weather with Quality Work Gloves

We have had a scorcher of a summer, but with temperatures starting to finally cool off, you can take advantage of work gloves offered by B&G Discount to clear out weeds from your garden without breaking too much of a sweat.

Keep Camping Equipment Secure with Effective Tow Straps

With summer in full swing and everyone taking trips, tow straps can give you the effective hold on all your camping gear and equipment that will give you peace of mind when taking long drives.

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