Tried and True Standards with B & G Safety Gloves

When working in any sort of industry that is heavy on the hands, you know that safety gloves are a necessary part of daily operations. Both employers and employees understand that safety comes first, and, here at B&G Discount, we are supplying businesses with only the best in personal protective equipment. Our hands are one of, if not the most important part of our bodies for day-to-day functions, so it’s important we take care of them.

Find the glove that fits

We offer a variety of safety gloves at B&G Discount, and will do everything we can to make sure you get the exact kind that you are looking for. If you’re dealing with liquids such as water, detergents, or diluted bases and acids, check out our PVC dipped gloves or heavy-duty rubber coated gloves to keep your hands safe. If grip is your main appeal, call and see our available mechanics style gloves that will make sure your tools stay firmly grasped.

Shipping options for your convenience

Although it is important to own a quality pair of safety gloves, it is also important to know when your gloves have outlived their lifespan and it becomes time to replace them. We realize that not all gloves will last a lifetime, and so we offer options to buy our top-of-the-line safety gloves by the dozen or in bulk cases. Since we know larger businesses will be going through gloves the fastest, we like to help by offering our case at our lowest price per pair of glove.

Excellence from experience

At B&G Discount, we have been selling more work gloves than any single store in the country for over 20 years. Safety gloves are important to us, as they are what started the company over 20 years ago and remain our bestselling category today.

Safety gloves have been a longstanding product that we take pride in providing to our customers at an affordable rate. If you would like more information on our gloves and what we can do for you, call today!