Tree Services Benefit from Reasonable Crews Safety Glasses

Summer is often the time that tree service workers help homeowners and property owners make some landscaping changes, and you can protect your eyes while on the job with effective and stylish Crews safety glasses. Wood chips, sawdust, and other particles are extremely common when sawing down trees or cutting off branches, and the only way to make sure your eyes stay safe is by having the right equipment with safety glasses from B&G Discount.

Why choose Crews

Crews safety glasses are the perfect balance of effectiveness and style for your tree service business. Made with long-lasting polycarbonate lenses to provide clarity as well as impact protection, Crews eyewear can make sure nothing from trees will hurt your eyes while you work on them. All Crews eyewear is also ANSI Z87.1-2015 certified, meaning it is up to some of the best standards set for safety products. A scratch resistant coat on the lenses means while on the job, even if something from a tree hits them, they’re more likely to stay fine compared to other, less-specialized safety glasses.

Protection with style

B&G Discount provides a selection of Crews safety glasses that can keep you protected while not feeling like you’re working in a factory. Sleek and sporty, the Crews safety glasses we offer wrap around to stay secure on your head while doing heavy manual labor, like tree services. With different lens types offered, you can get basic eye protection, grey lenses to protect eyes from bright sunlight, and more. No matter what you need, B&G Discount has the safety glasses options to best help your business.

When your tree services business needs additional eye protective equipment this summer, trust B&G Discount to provide what you need with Crews safety glasses. To see what we have in stock call or stop by today!