PVC Coated Safety Gloves Protect and Maintain Workflow

Working in labor intensive industries can get dangerous depending on the industry that you’re in, and the safety gloves from B&G Discount are here to make sure that your hands go unharmed. The fully-coated PVC gloves carried at the warehouse of B&G Discount ensure that your hands stay safe every time that you step onto your work floor.

Liquid resistant

Designed to keep your hands safe and protected from oil and other slippery substances, the PCV coated safety gloves that we offer make sure that your hands don’t bring the lab chemicals back home. The smooth finish will have liquids sliding right off so you can keep at your work without having to worry about contamination at all. Every glove is efficiently fully-coated and made to last, so you can depend on them every time you step on the work floor.

Choose the type for your job

At B&G Discount, we offer some different options for your PVC dipped gloves depending on what you need to use them for. With 12” all the way to 18” gloves, you can work with gloves that will cover your wrist or cover all the way to your elbow. Whether splash-back or deep containers are a part of your job, the elbow length gloves will keep your arms protected.

No chemicals

If your jobs require dealing with oil or other less-harmful liquids, then the PVC dipped gloves with a knit wrist are a great choice. Fully coated just like our other PVC dipped gloves, they have a knit wrist attached to keep them snug on your hands. And, just like all our gloves, these as well as our other PVC dipped gloves are available in different sizes and different purchasing options, so you can get the right number of gloves you need.

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