Protect Your Eyes this Summer with Clear Safety Glasses

With warmer weather making its way into our lives again, outdoor projects are going to be on the forefront of some people’s minds, and it’s while working on these projects that you’ll want clear safety glasses. From fixing up your car to making your child’s dream tree fort by hand, there are tasks we’ll want to finish that require us taking the proper precautions. For a good selection of clear safety glasses and more, B & G Discount has what you need.

A proven classic

If you need a basic pair of standard safety glasses, then the visitor spectacle clear lens safety glasses at B & G Discount are for you. With wide lenses that cover your entire optic area, the visitor specs are a long-standing pair of safety glasses that have been used by people for years. Strong, but lightweight, the visitor specs will keep your eyes safe during all your projects that may require protection.

A different look

If the visitor clear safety glasses are the right material but not the right look that you want, then you can try out our wrap around style clear lens safety glasses. With the same durability and clear lens and frames as the visitor specs, the wrap around clear safety glasses give you protection, but with a more modern sunglasses-style look.

Savings are our specialty

At B & G Discount, all our clear safety glasses come with different package size options to save you money. For a single pair of clear safety glasses of either the visitor specs or the wrap around lens, you will pay the standard price of $1.50, but for businesses needing to buy in bulk, you can order a package of 144 pairs of clear safety glasses that comes out to $1.19 a pair.

Having served thousands of individuals and businesses, B & G Discount is ready to help you find what you need. With a vast inventory and a desire to deliver customer satisfaction, B & G Discount will find what you’re looking for at a reasonable price.