Properly Store Summer Equipment with Discount Tarps

In case you missed our annual tarp sale, B & G Discount wants to remind our wonderful customers that there are still plenty of great discount tarps available for pickup whenever you need them. Although we are now passed our large sale, you still will not find better prices anywhere else on tarps that can effectively protect your equipment from the summer as we quickly start to enter the fall.

Variety is our specialty

If you have been looking for tarps to cover your equipment for the year, there is no better in the business for your tarp needs than B & G Discount. We carry 158 sizes of discount tarps that are designed to give you coverage for whatever you need. Whether it is an outdoor pool, the roof of your home, or your lawnmower and related summer equipment, our selection of tarps is sure to give you the effective area coverage to keep it safe.

Businesses and individuals benefit

Because B & G Discount carries so many of our discount tarps, both businesses and individuals can benefit from the coverage our tarps provide. If you are buying in bulk for your businesses, whether for use or for resale, B & G Discount can provide you with a deal that you are sure to love. With already great prices, wholesale prices on discount tarps means that you can get them cheaper than ever when you visit. Individuals get the benefit of the best prices around, as we sell our tarps at a much cheaper price that other superstores that you may find them at. We also carry many types and sizes you cannot find anywhere else, so stop in and get yours!

B & G Discount has been providing great prices and great products for over 30 years. With a large stock always available and prices that cannot be beat, stop in and find your discount tarps that are left from our annual tarp sale!