Poly Tarps Provide Protection from Summer Storms

As spring turns to summer, the warmer weather can also bring with it summer storms. High winds, heavy rains and even tornados can wreak havoc on homes, yards, vehicles, and equipment, so it is important to employ some method to protect your outdoor belongings when a summer storm rolls through. Versatile and reliable in providing protection and shelter, it’s hard to go wrong when you choose to protect your belongings from the elements with a tarp.

Kalamazoo’s premier retailer for tarps, safety glasses, gloves, and more, B & G Discount has a selection of poly tarps in stock at the lowest possible retail prices. Wear and tear resistant, and coming in two primary types, when you choose to get your poly tarps from B & G Discount, you are choosing to get a quality tarp that lasts for a great value.

Versatile and Easy to Use

The tarps from B & G Discount come in varying shapes and sizes and can fit a variety of outdoor applications. The standard grade poly tarp is made from an eight-by-eight polyethylene mesh and can provide a water-resistant shelter that can help you maintain a dry ground space for your work. Flexible and able to wrap around any shape, a poly tarp will make an excellent way to stop water from reaching anything that you need to keep dry.

Heavy Duty Protection for Heavy Duty Weather

Heavy duty weather means heavy duty measures are taken, and the heavy weight tarps from B & G Discount are up to the task. Adequate for, lawn care and protection, home projects, and even short-term roofing, the heavy weight tarps offered by B & G Discount can provide shelter from high wind, heavy rain, and even UV radiation, making them an excellent choice for protecting against the harshest elements that the summer can throw at you.

Offering even greater protection, the super heavy weight tarps from B & G Discount can provide even greater protection from the elements. Able to resist up to ten times the wear the standard weight tarp can, the super heavy weight tarp is made for super heavy-duty applications and can provide the highest degree of protection.

If you need a way to protect your property and outdoor equipment from the elements that this summer, there’s no better way to provide temporary, yet effective protection than with a poly tarp from B & G Discount. For more information about our tarps, or any of our other products that you can make use of this summer, contact us today!