Pack Away Winter with Rubber Tarp Straps

Now that winter is on the way out, you can protect all your winter gear using protective tarps and rubber tarp straps from B&G Discount! Carrying all the things you need to keep your gear safe, B&G Discount always has items in stock that can be useful. So, if you are looking for a way to cover up your snowblower, snowmobile, or any other winter mechanism, trust in B&G Discount to have what you need.

Protective layer

Any piece of gear can be covered from the sun’s rays, pollen, and more with the use of any large tarp from B&G Discount. Tightly wrapping your gear up with a tarp is a great way to make sure it can live its full lifespan without the wear and tear of environmental effects breaking it down too early. B&G Discount offers different sizes and weights, so you have access to the exact type that you might need to effectively cover your gear.

Strap in

After you have a tarp chosen, rubber tarp straps can ensure that tarp doesn’t go anywhere. B&G Discount carries molded rubber straps crafted from high quality EPDM rubber that is UV and ozone resistant, meaning your strap can withstand the elements all year long until the following winter arrives. And, because of their hardy design, they can be used year after year, all year round. Once your winter gear is free from protection again, you can instead use your tarps and rubber tarp straps for any summer gear!

Your shopping destination with thousands of options, B&G Discount has different options for you to protect your winter gear as spring gets closer and closer. With the option for shipping anywhere in the 48 contiguous states, a physical location to visit, and call-in ordering, B&G Discount can provide anyone with the equipment they need. If you’re looking for a way to protect your winter gear, contact us today!