Keep Work Sterile with Disposable Gloves

Whether you’re in healthcare or work in the food industry, disposable gloves are a necessity at different times while on the job. From keeping the operating room sterile to avoiding contamination on food being prepped, disposable gloves can maintain a clean environment with their simple and comfortable design. With some of the best prices around, B&G Discount has the stock to provide a variety of styles and sizes for the disposable gloves you need.

Glove choices

Depending on the work you do, and how much you need your gloves to withstand, B&G Discount offers disposable gloves in both 4 mil and 8 mil options. If you’re unaware of what this means, “mils” is the term attributed to thickness of your disposable gloves. A mil is one-thousandth of an inch, so the higher the mils, the thicker the glove. Thicker gloves mean better puncture protection, but also less flexibility, so you can find the balance between our 4 mil and 8 mil options and figure out which works best for you!

All hands

B&G Discount provides disposable gloves for every person who needs them. With sizes ranging from small to extra-large, you can find the right sized gloves to fit your hands. Besides carrying the sizes you need, we also carry both blue nitrile gloves as well as latex disposable gloves, so anyone with a latex allergy can still find the disposable gloves they need.

Powered or not

Whether you knew it or not, disposable gloves come with the option of being powdered or powder free. What this means is a small amount of corn starch powder to make the gloves easier to put on it dusted in gloves with it, and ones without are treated chemically to be slightly looser-fitting to be easier to put on. If your job requires a snug fit, powdered gloves are likely the option you’ll want.

When you need disposable gloves, in single boxes or in large, bulk orders, B&G Discount has the inventory and options to help. Contact us today to see what we can do for you!