Keep Work Hands Warm with Knitted Gloves

Between falling temperatures and the biting wind chill that accompany them, doing work without quality knitted gloves can be a brutal process. Usually one of the first things to go numb without the proper protection, your hands can benefit from proper coverage. With the knitted gloves offered by B&G Discount, you can go out into the cold without worry.

Comfort with warmth

B&G Discounts’ string knit gloves are the perfect knitted gloves to not only keep your hands warm, but also keep them warm comfortably. Made with medium weight cotton and polyester, the string knit pattern protects your hands from the cold with soft and flexible materials. The stitching and banding around the wrist hold tight, making sure no stray breezes or snowflakes make their way to your hands.

Get the grip

If your work requires you to have a strong hold on something while staying warm, we also offer cotton and polyester knit gloves that are coated with 2-sided PVC dots, giving your hands a dependable grip. Both sides are coated with dots, so each glove can be used for either hand. All dotted gloves come in a “one size fits most” package, so don’t be afraid to stop by and try them out for yourself!

Gloves for the future

Here at B&G Discount, we believe in supplying people with a fair number of products for the price they pay. Each of our gloves is available in a one dozen package size, so you can get gloves for the present, and have spares in case you need them, all for a reasonable price. If you run a business and buy a case of pairs, you get an even better deal.

Offering great deals on a variety of products, B&G Discount has been the go-to supplier for thousands over the years. If you want a wide-ranging inventory to look through with excellent savings, B&G Discount is the place for you.