Keep Palms Protected with Leather Gloves

It’s that time of year again when yard work is becoming a regular activity for many of us, especially with so many still at home due to COVID-19, and you can protect your hands during your busy workdays outside with quality leather gloves from B & G Discount. Whether you’re digging down in the dirt with gardening tools or handling heavy-duty landscaping equipment, the leather gloves from B & G Discount will keep your hands safe form excess friction and let you do your work without worry.

Get a grip

Part of what makes leather gloves like our leather palm-heavy weight gloves is the grip that they give you when you’re out working. These and others similar to them in our product lines we offer are made out of split cowhide with a durable leather palm, giving you strong gloves that will protect your hands while also providing a good grip on whatever tools or machinery you’re using. Some lawn equipment should be handled carefully, and a good leather glove is one way that you can ensure nothing goes wrong because of a lost grip on equipment.

Stay on

Most of the work gloves that B & G Discount carries have either a gauntlet-style cuff and/or a rubberized cuff, to help make sure that your gloves stay on even the most intense work days. B & G Discount is always looking for the best gloves to provide at the best deals, so you can be sure to find quality leather gloves with us that really give you the support for your hands you’re looking for all at a great value. And, with our large stock, you can easily find ready-to-work leather gloves that won’t let you down this summer season.

With some of the biggest savings for a large stock of products, B & G Discount is the retail facility you can count on for finding quality working gloves this summer and beyond. Contact us today to see what we have available!