Keep Heavy-Duty Straps Protected During Winter Months

B & G Discount offers the best in the business for tie downs and heavy-duty straps. Now that winter is finally getting into it and the weather is getting harsher, you can protect all your equipment with heavy-duty straps, by storing them in effective, and sometimes creative, ways. With the variety of options that B & G Discount offers, you can restock or get your first tie downs and straps for when warmer weather is back again.

Combine with tarps

By covering your equipment, vehicles, and anything else that needs to be protected with one of our tarps, you can then secure them with our heavy-duty straps. Each strap that we sell provides the constant tension and tight hold that you need to keep your things safe from the weather. Whether you wrap around with your strap or go up and over your equipment, the tarp can be held in place effectively.

Use your preference

Whatever heavy-duty straps you need, the inventory at B & G Discount is sure to have it in stock. We offer pure rubber straps, as well as elastic bungie straps. Coming in lengths ranging from 15” all the way to 72”, you can get the right sized strap to wrap around almost anything. Our rubber straps are even made from EPDM rubber, so they won’t rot or lose rebound qualities after exposure to the sun!

Business or personal use

If you own a business that needs to protect outdoor equipment or are a homeowner who wants to cover your things for the winter, B & G Discount can sell our straps in bulk or individual sales. Package sizes come in a single item or packages of 144, so you can get the right amount for your situation.

B & G Discount offers a large variety of goods that are sure to benefit almost anyone! With our huge inventory and great prices, you’re sure to find what you’re looking for when you visit.