How Crews Safety Glasses Help Businesses Meet Safety Standards

When businesses need safety eyewear for workers, they know that Crews safety glasses from B & G Discount will provide them with a great option at an unmatched price. Many businesses choose Crews safety glasses because of the protection that they offer that makes them a superior option to some alternatives. This allows them to meet safety standards put in place by OSHA to ensure that workers are getting the necessary protection their job requires.

B & G Discount has some of the largest inventory of products for what we carry, so businesses of any size can always get the safety glasses they need. Never skip out on safety because of price when you have B & G Discount on your side!

The standards that Crews safety glasses meet

Crews safety glasses help businesses meet their safety standards because they are approved to meet the performance standards of ANSI/ISEA Z87.1. This is the safety eyewear standard widely used in the U.S. and the standard that is under OSHA regulations for personal protective equipment in areas where there is a potential threat to the eyes of the worker.

B & G Discount carries glasses meeting this industry standard because we like to ensure businesses can get their workers safety gear at a fair price. Rather than pay a premium for gear that is necessary for workers, you can always find a great deal with us, and purchase bulk safety products as needed.

Different options for different needs

Although each pair meets the same performance standards we have discussed, B & G Discount carries a variety of types for customers to choose from depending on what their business needs most. We carry Crews safety glasses that have wrap around style frames with rubber tips to hold onto the head of a worker that may be working in a hot environment, glasses with indoor/outdoor mirrored lenses, and different colored lenses for different preferences and needs.

Each type of safety glasses that B & G Discount has on offer can be purchased in packs of 1 or 12 dozen, so individuals and entire businesses can get all the Crews safety glasses that they need, no matter the type.

With great deals that always push the limits of savings that customers can get for quality products, B & G Discount is the best choice for Crews safety glasses. If you want to learn more about how they can help your business meet safety standards, or you want to get started on an order, call us today!