Get to Gardening with Leather Work Gloves

Growing up, whether it was in movies or carried by our mothers and grandmothers, it seems like gardeners always had the perfect pair of leather work gloves for their daily gardening. We at B&G Discount remember those days with a smile and are happy to see people even today getting on their hands and knees to sculpt the ground and shape it into a beautiful garden. That’s why we provide quality leather work gloves that will protect your hands to help extend your time spent in the garden.

Choice of glove

No matter which leather work glove you decide on from B&G Discount, you’re sure to be satisfied with the quality you experience. Our full cowhide leather work gloves are the classic choice for anyone who likes manual labor and enjoys getting their hands dirty working outside. For something with a little more grip to hold onto your gardening tools with, our heavy weight leather palm gloves are the perfect choice.

Everyone can be a gardener

With the different sizes offered for our leather work gloves, B&G Discount makes sure that if anyone has a passion for gardening, that, with our gloves, they can garden better than ever while keeping their hands protected. The gauntlet cuff on our heavy weight gloves also protects your wrist, so when you’re de-weeding your garden and the are around it, you don’t have to worry about poison ivy, insect bites, or any other hazard you may encounter.

As always, B&G Discount offers all our products in individual sales, or at a discount for large quantities purchased. With nearly 30 years of experience in the discount-retail business, we have served and pleased a multitude of people in the greater Kalamazoo area. If you need quality work gloves and want to get some at a reasonable price, B&G Discount has what you are looking for.