Prepare for Spring Cleanup with Hand and Eye Protection

Spring is finally here, but the mess winter left behind is needs attention. While the snow may be gone, you’re still going to need handle brush and debris  which means you’re going to need to protect your hands, eyes, and equipment while taking care of spring cleaning. This spring you can take advantage of the wide variety of gloves, safety glasses and tarps offered at B&G Discount.

A good pair of gloves can go a long way.

Work  in the outdoors requires work gloves, whether its clearing out weeds or operating equipment, you need to protect your hands. With the wide selection at B&G Discount,  you’ll find every kind of glove for every kind of job. From knit gloves, that can help keep your hands warm while its still a bit chilly out, to welding gloves to protect your hands against hazards, or even just disposable gloves to keep your hands clean of potentially harmful substances, B&G Discount has everything you need to keep your hands protected as the season changes.

Your vision needs protection too.

When cleaning up this season  make sure your eyes are protected from flakes and chips, or anything else that could fly back up. Safety glasses and Goggles are an essential piece of equipment for any heavy duty job outdoors, and the selection at B&G Discount is more than enough to keep your eyes safe. Not only do safety glasses and goggles protect during work, but for any hazard that could harm one’s eyes, making them a universally important piece of equipment.

Nothing is more versatile than a tarp.

Tarps aren’t just good for keeping your equipment dry in the spring, they’re also good for cleaning up leaves in the fall, covering your pool in the winter, or even protecting from the sun in the summer. the tarp is a vital component for any kind of outdoor work, and B&G Discount offers a selection of tarps in all sizes from light weight poly tarp to super heavy weight, so you’ll be able to find a good tarp for any project. Even after spring cleanup, you’ll be glad to have a good tarp around, either for protecting your equipment, or for any use.

B&G Discount is here to help you make sure you have the right protective gear for spring this year. whether you’re cleaning up your yard or taking care of any other springtime project. Contact us today to learn more about what equipment we have to offer and how they can help you with spring cleanup.