Get Full Facial Protection with Safety Glasses for Sale

With shutdowns still occurring and facial protection being asked of individuals who are outside of their home, you can give yourself more coverage when you invest in effective safety glasses. B & G Discount carries a large selection of safety glasses that can work great when in tandem with a protective safety mask whenever you go out in public during this time.

Wrap around protection

Rather than just having flat protective lenses that don’t stay closer to your face, B & G Discount also has wrap around style safety glasses for sale. These wrap around style frames ensure that your safety glasses stay close to your face, reducing the chance of them sliding down your face, leaving open areas for anything to pass by. Alongside an effective face mask, these safety glasses can be a great way to protect the rest of your face when out in public during this time.

At home safety

Because so many people are stuck at home with nothing to do, they’ve started working on DIY home projects. Many of these projects include the use of tools, or have a chance of dangerous debris with them, and the safety glasses from B & G Discount can ensure that you stay protected while doing that project you’ve never had time for before. Perfect for any job that includes working with wood debris, heavy levels of dust, electrical work that risk sparks, and more, you can ensure that your eye safety isn’t forgone, even while stuck at home. We ship anywhere in the 48 contiguous states, so make sure you don’t skip out on your safety while working on projects at home!

With large quantities of products always on hand, B & G Discount is your dependable store with safety glasses for sale when you need them. Give us a call to see what deals we can offer you to help your eye safety during this time!