Bulk Buys save Lives with Protective Gloves

With statewide shutdowns becoming the norm as virus fears continue on, we at B & G Discount encourage individuals looking for protective gloves to check out our online stock. We all have to keep as healthy as possible during this time, and one simple way to do that is through the use of protective, disposable gloves that can be worn when going out for essentials.

Useful protection

Perfect for use when shopping at the grocery store as you stock up to continue social-distancing, protecting your hands when pumping gas, and any other time you need to go out in public for short periods of time, the protective gloves from B & G Discount can help reduce your chances of touching contaminated surfaces. We’ve all learned that COVID-19 can linger on specific surfaces for quite a long amount of time, so there’s no harm in taking extra protection with disposable gloves that you can get in bulk at B & G Discount.

Bulk options available

With disposable latex, vinyl, and nitrile gloves available, B&G Discount provides the options of disposable gloves that you can use to protect yourself and others you live with. We carry virtually every size for all types of hands, so you can also fit your hands effectively while getting materials that you aren’t allergic to. Even a single box of each option has at minimum 50 gloves per box, so you can be sure to get the amount you need to at least get yourself through this strange time. These options can also be great for medical institutes that may need another source of protection while so many are in need of them.

Available almost everywhere

With physical locations being closed down, B & G Discount is proud to offer shipping online anywhere in the 48 contiguous states. A regular service that we offer, our delivery can be especially useful during this time of quarantine and social-distancing for individuals or families to take advantage of. When you need protective gloves, you can get them almost anywhere with B & G Discount.