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Stay Safe Doing Fall Cleanup with Safety Glasses

As the temperatures continue to drop and days get shorter and shorter, you can make sure to stay safe with yard work in the fall with quality safety glasses from B&G Discount. There is no such thing as being too safe when it comes to the work that you do, as accidents can happen to anyone. With the safety goggles provided by B&G Discount, you can make sure your eyes are protected and do your yardwork without fear.

PVC Coated Safety Gloves Protect and Maintain Workflow

Working in labor intensive industries can get dangerous depending on the industry that you’re in, and the safety gloves from B&G Discount are here to make sure that your hands go unharmed. The fully-coated PVC gloves carried at the warehouse of B&G Discount ensure that your hands stay safe ever time that you step onto your work floor.

Use Quality Bungee Straps on Your Last Trip of the Summer

School is back in session and summer is winding down fast, so you need to head over to your favorite camping site with the best bungee straps around. The bungie straps at B&G Discount offer your personal belongings the security and peace of mind you need when tying everything down. When heading to your favorite weekend vacation spot for the last time this summer, you can trust B&G Discount’s bungee straps to hold tight.

Get to Gardening with Leather Work Gloves

Growing up, whether it was in movies or carried by our mothers and grandmothers, it seems like gardeners always had the perfect pair of leather work gloves for their daily gardening. We at B&G Discount remember those days with a smile and are happy to see people even today getting on their hands and knees to sculpt the ground and shape it into a beautiful garden. That’s why we provide quality leather work gloves that will protect your hands to help extend your time spent in the garden.

Get the Camping Coverage You Need with Heavy Duty Tarps

We’re in the middle of summer, and that means it’s the perfect time to use heavy duty tarps during your camping trips. With multiple sizes, colors, and weights, B&G Discount has the best selection around for your heavy duty tarps. With discounts being offered all the time, there’s no better place for you to stop in and get a tarp today!

Protect Your Eyes this Summer with Clear Safety Glasses

With warmer weather making its way into our lives again, outdoor projects are going to be on the forefront of some people’s minds, and it’s while working on these projects that you’ll want clear safety glasses. From fixing up your car to making your child’s dream tree fort by hand, there are tasks we’ll want to finish that require us taking the proper precautions.

Hold Tight with B&G Bungie Cords

When you’re transporting heavy equipment or luggage, you want to make sure that everything stays secured the duration of the trip, and there’s no better way to keep your precious cargo tied down than with bungie cords. As a tried and true method of holding on tight to precious cargo, bungie cords can keep your items safe while on the road.

Tried and True Standards with B&G Safety Gloves

When working in any sort of industry that is heavy on the hands, you know that safety gloves are a necessary part of daily operations. Both employers and employees understand that safety comes first, and, here at B&G Discount, we are supplying businesses with only the best in personal protective equipment.

Buy Tarps Online or At Our Warehouse From B&G’s Discount Outlet Store

Although we sell thousands of items, here at B&G we are best known for two essential items – tarps and gloves. We love chatting with our customers and hearing that they’ve traveled hundreds of miles just to find the right size and weight of tarp they need.