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Tie-Down Straps Bring in Trees for the Holidays

Family’s that have a tradition of going out and getting a fresh tree from a farm know that quality tie-down straps are the best choice when it comes to transporting the tree. Always too large to fit anywhere else, a fresh Christmas tree needs to somehow be secured to the roof of your vehicle for transport. By using tie-down straps, you can get a tree of any size (if it fits on top of your vehicle) and have peace of mind knowing it will be secure while in transit.

Why You Should Consider Poly Tarps for Protecting Equipment in all Conditions

A protective layer on outdoor equipment with a poly tarp Is always a good idea, no matter where you live or how you store the equipment. B & G Discount’s warehouse has a huge selection of poly tarps that come in variety of weights, colors, and sizes for you to choose from, giving you the perfect protection against the elements, no matter what it is you need to cover.

How Crews Safety Glasses Help Businesses Meet Safety Standards

When businesses need safety eyewear for workers, they know that Crews safety glasses from B & G Discount will provide them with a great option at an unmatched price. Many businesses choose Crews safety glasses because of the protection that they offer that makes them a superior option to some alternatives. This allows them to meet safety standards put in place by OSHA to ensure that workers are getting the necessary protection their job requires.

Leather Work Gloves Protect Palms During Heavy Workloads

As the weather heats up and outside work kicks back into gear, leather work gloves can be the perfect addition to your workflow to help protect your hands from the physical toil of your labor. Whether you could use quality protection for your daily work or want a pair of gloves to help you protect your hands while working around your yard, B&G Discount has a variety of options available to help you find great hand protection for a great price.

Cord Bungee Straps Hold Down Gear for Road Trips

Even with winter winding down, there are still some that have trips planned that can benefit from cord bungee straps while on the road. Whether it is your camping gear, furniture for a big move, or any other object that you want to secure for a long trip, cord bungees from B&G Discount will keep everything from moving around and getting lost or sustaining damage.

Heavy Duty Tarps Protect Gear in a New Year

With a New Year here and plenty of chances for you to stop in at B&G Discount, you can grab yourself a brand-new heavy-duty tarp to protect all your new gear this year. If you missed our “Everything Must Go” sale, don’t worry! B&G Discount always has the best prices available for the products that you need, and our tarps are no different. With poly tarps that come in a variety of sizes to serve your needs, your equipment can be protected from the elements each season throughout the entire year.

Safety Glasses in Kalamazoo Help Homeowners Tackle End-of-the-Year Projects

If you have some end-of-the-year projects that you plan on working on around the house, you can protect yourself with the safety glasses in Kalamazoo from B&G Discount. From working in dusty areas to areas that you may be using powerful chemicals in, the safety glasses that B&G Discount has to offer will ensure that you can do your work uninterrupted while avoiding any potential dangers. We always have a wide selection of products available, so depending on what type of safety glasses you may be looking for, we likely have an option for you!

Clear Out Weeds in Cooling Weather with Quality Work Gloves

We have had a scorcher of a summer, but with temperatures starting to finally cool off, you can take advantage of work gloves offered by B&G Discount to clear out weeds from your garden without breaking too much of a sweat. With extreme humidity and heat being the theme of the summer, there were not very many great days to get out and work on our personal gardens and yard areas to keep them clear of pesky weeds. Now that things are getting cooler, it can be the perfect opportunity to get the work done to ready your outdoor spaces for next year.

Keep Camping Equipment Secure with Effective Tow Straps

With summer in full swing and everyone taking trips, tow straps can give you the effective hold on all your camping gear and equipment that will give you peace of mind when taking long drives.

Discount Poly Tarps Protect What Matters When it Matters

When you need discount poly tarps to protect anything important to you and yours, B&G Discount has the selection of quality tarps to provide quality coverage. We have over 100 sizes of tarps in two different weights to provide a great tarp for almost any situation. Whether you are covering a grill from rain in the summer or piling dirt onto a tarp for easy moving, you can find the tarp you need with us.

Clear Safety Glasses Lower Risks and Increase Productivity

As spring gives us warmer weather, clear safety glasses can be a great addition to the gear you have to fully immerse yourself in spring cleaning. Whether inside or out in the yard, having the proper protective gear for your eyes can let you really get into cleaning without having to worry as much about your own safety. This lets you not only get to projects that you have been pushing off until it got warmer, but also allows you to get fully involved with them, without having to worry about getting anything in your eyes.

Laboratories Operate Successfully with PVC Coated Safety Gloves

Any time that workers get through the day without accidents should be considered a success, and the PVC coated safety gloves from B&G Discount can help make this a reality. PVC gloves not only offer great protection for workers that deal with dangerous substances or working conditions, but they also give that worker peace of mind so that can work on tasks in an efficient manner without the worry of getting hurt.

Find Innovative Uses for Rubber Tarp Straps

With snow melting away and spring right around the corner, many are likely taking off their tarps and rubber tarp straps from equipment, vehicles, and more that were covered for the season. When you use tarp straps, they can be great for holding tarps in place, but what do you do after the tarps come off? We at B&G Discount have a few suggestions that can take your tarp straps from a one-trick pony and turn them into a multi-use tool.

Recreational Vehicles are Kept Safe with Heavy-Duty Tarps

With winter comes plenty of opportunities to take advantage of recreational vehicles, and you can keep them safe during their downtime through the use of effective, heavy-duty tarps. B&G Discount has plenty of tarp sizes and types available that everyone can use in different ways to help their recreational vehicles stay safe in even the harshest of conditions this winter and winters into the future.

Take Safety Seriously in the New Year with Safety Glasses in Kalamazoo

With a New Year comes new opportunities to get involved in projects that can benefit from taking the proper precautions with safety glasses in Kalamazoo. Whether you are an individual who is working with power tools at home for housework or a hobby or businesses that deals with machinery and need a way to best protect workers, B&G Discount can be your trusted provider of quality, affordable safety glasses.

Maintain Peace of Mind All Winter with Disposable Gloves

With COVID cases on the rise again, you may be looking for ways to keep you and your family safe while out and about, and disposable gloves can be a great answer. Whether you are grocery shopping, pumping gas, or even on the job, B&G Discount has a large selection of disposable gloves for anyone to take advantage of. Simply stop on by or make an online order and you can get all the disposable gloves that you might need.

Get Strapped in for Winter with Bungee Cords

With the holidays just around the corner, B&G Discount is stocked up and ready to help shoppers put away their tools and equipment for the season with quality bungee cords. Like many of our products, our bungee cord selection is large with different types of cords available to everyone who comes through our doors. We are always happy to help at B&G Discount, so if you have anything you need to hold down or wrap up for the season, count on our bungee cord selection to have what you need.

Properly Store Summer Equipment with Discount Tarps

In case you missed our annual tarp sale, B&G Discount wants to remind our wonderful customers that there are still plenty of great discount tarps available for pickup whenever you need them. Although we are now passed our large sale, you still will not find better prices anywhere else on tarps that can effectively protect your equipment from the summer as we quickly start to enter the fall.

Maintain Both Protection and Vision with Magnifying Safety Glasses

When you work in an environment either on a jobsite or at home that requires you to have impact protection for your vision, you can maintain a clear view with strong protection from magnifying safety glasses. B&G Discount always has a wide variety of stock available for our customers to take advantage of, and our magnifying safety glasses are no different! Always offering products at reasonable prices, there’s no nowhere else that can give you the selection you need at the prices you need like B&G Discount.

Keep Palms Protected with Leather Gloves

It’s that time of year again when yard work is becoming a regular activity for many of us, especially with so many still at home due to COVID-19, and you can protect your hands during your busy workdays outside with quality leather gloves from B&G Discount. Whether you’re digging down in the dirt with gardening tools or handling heavy-duty landscaping equipment, the leather gloves from B&G Discount will keep your hands safe form excess friction and let you do your work without worry.