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Properly Store Summer Equipment with Discount Tarps

In case you missed our annual tarp sale, B&G Discount wants to remind our wonderful customers that there are still plenty of great discount tarps available for pickup whenever you need them. Although we are now passed our large sale, you still will not find better prices anywhere else on tarps that can effectively protect your equipment from the summer as we quickly start to enter the fall.

Maintain Both Protection and Vision with Magnifying Safety Glasses

When you work in an environment either on a jobsite or at home that requires you to have impact protection for your vision, you can maintain a clear view with strong protection from magnifying safety glasses. B&G Discount always has a wide variety of stock available for our customers to take advantage of, and our magnifying safety glasses are no different! Always offering products at reasonable prices, there’s no nowhere else that can give you the selection you need at the prices you need like B&G Discount.

Keep Palms Protected with Leather Gloves

It’s that time of year again when yard work is becoming a regular activity for many of us, especially with so many still at home due to COVID-19, and you can protect your hands during your busy workdays outside with quality leather gloves from B&G Discount. Whether you’re digging down in the dirt with gardening tools or handling heavy-duty landscaping equipment, the leather gloves from B&G Discount will keep your hands safe form excess friction and let you do your work without worry.

Hold On Tight to Landscaping Tools with Heavy-Duty Straps

With all the warm weather and storms that we’ve been having, landscaping business is booming, and yours can manage all of its equipment the right way while on the road with heavy-duty straps. Landscaping equipment doesn’t come cheap, so it’s important to take care of it in whatever ways you can when you can, and B&G Discount has the straps you need to ensure that everything stays secure while travelling from job site to job site.

Trust in Poly Tarps to Protect from Storm Debris

With warmer weather making its way back into our state, it can bring with it some intense storms every so often, and you can protect all your vehicles and equipment from them with heavy duty poly tarps. Known to sometimes get windy enough to throw around debris that can scratch and damage cars, home equipment, and more, storms, no matter where you live, can be protected against when you order tarps from B&G Discount.

Get Full Facial Protection with Safety Glasses for Sale

With shutdowns still occurring and facial protection being asked of individuals who are outside of their home, you can give yourself more coverage when you invest in effective safety glasses. B&G Discount carries a large selection of safety glasses that can work great when in tandem with a protective safety mask whenever you go out in public during this time.

Bulk Buys save Lives with Protective Gloves

With statewide shutdowns becoming the norm as virus fears continue on, we at B&G Discount encourage individuals looking for protective gloves to check out our online stock. We all have to keep as healthy as possible during this time, and one simple way to do that is through the use of protective, disposable gloves that can be worn when going out for essentials.

Pack Away Winter with Rubber Tarp Straps

Now that winter is on the way out, you can protect all your winter gear using protective tarps and rubber tarp straps from B&G Discount! Carrying all the things you need to keep your gear safe, B&G Discount always has items in stock that can be useful. So, if you are looking for a way to cover up your snowblower, snowmobile, or any other winter mechanism, trust in B&G Discount to have what you need.

Finish Out Winter in Comfort with Affordable Insulated Gloves

As we know, winter in the Midwest often lasts longer than we want it to, but, you can keep your hands warm through the end of it with affordable insulated gloves from B&G Discount. During other seasons, gloves that simply keep your hands warm can be useful, but it’s only with insulated gloves that your hands can stand up to moisture that wants to soak into them. With snow shoveling, brushing off your car, and more, there are plenty of opportunities for your gloves to soak through from snow, so you can avoid this trouble with insulated gloves from B&G Discount.

Trust in Discount Tarps for Cover this Winter

With the holidays come and gone and a long stretch of winter still ahead of us, B&G Discount can provide you with discount tarps to keep your essentials covered. Whether it’s a vehicle, wood for your heater, or tools and equipment for yardwork with no better place to go, B&G Discount’s tarps will keep them dependably covered all winter so you don’t have to think about them again until snow starts to melt.

Defend Eyes All Winter Long with Effective Safety Glasses

Whether you’re working on a job at home or at work this winter, you can give your eyes the added layer of protection they need to defend from any harm. With a variety of eye protection options, B&G Discount has everything that individuals or businesses alike can benefit using. With our large stock and helpful representatives, B&G Discount is always here to help.

Fight Fall Winds with Sturdy Cargo Straps

With fall and winter here, the chances of heavy wind conditions become more likely here in West Michigan, and B&G Discount can help you keep gear safe against this with sturdy cargo straps. No matter what you need to keep tied down, the straps from B&G Discount are the dependable solution for almost any situation that involves protecting a product through immobility.

Get the Job Done with Discount Work Gloves for Every Occasion

When working in any labor-intensive position, it’s worth having a source for discount work gloves you can depend on. If you often work with your hands, it can be a common issue of wearing through the gloves you own. Because of this, a cheaper option that maintains the high-quality products you need can be a great asset to your work life. B&G Discount offers a variety of gloves for different work so almost anyone can get the work gloves they need.

Protect Summer Fun with Dependable Pool Tarps

With summer transitioning into fall, it will soon be too cold to swim, and you can preserve the quality of your pool with dependable pool tarps. Using tarps offered by B&G Discount, you can give your pool the full coverage it needs to make your responsibilities with it in winter a little easier while protecting your pool.

Tree Services Benefit from Reasonable Crews Safety Glasses

Summer is often the time that tree service workers help homeowners and property owners make some landscaping changes, and you can protect your eyes while on the job with effective and stylish Crews safety glasses. Wood chips, sawdust, and other particles are extremely common when sawing down trees or cutting off branches, and the only way to make sure your eyes stay safe is by having the right equipment with safety glasses from B&G Discount.

Secure the Outdoors this Summer with Different Bungee Cord Uses

When out in the heat this summer, you can take advantage of the different bungee cord uses available to you when you get bungee cords from B&G Discount. Whether it’s out camping, enjoying a summertime lunch outside, or another activity, bungee cords from B&G Discount can come in handy in ways that you may not think of or ways that you might not expect.

Keep Work Sterile with Disposable Gloves

Whether you’re in healthcare or work in the food industry, disposable gloves are a necessity at different times while on the job. From keeping the operating room sterile to avoiding contamination on food being prepped, disposable gloves can maintain a clean environment with their simple and comfortable design. With some of the best prices around, B&G Discount has the stock to provide a variety of styles and sizes for the disposable gloves you need.

Buy Tarps Before Spring Rains

With the weather warming, all the snow we had been getting is going to be turning into rain, and you can buy tarps at prices you love with B&G Discount. Whether you’re a business looking to buy wholesale or a homeowner who needs either a single, or small bundle of tarps, B&G Discount has the stock and size selections you need.

Maintain Line of Sight with Safety Glasses in Kalamazoo

If you’re in a business that includes potential hazards to the eyes, the safety glasses in Kalamazoo provided by B&G Discount can help you maintain eye contact and work safely. B&G Discount takes pride in providing some of the best products to the greater Kalamazoo area at affordable prices, and, if you need safety glasses, we guarantee we can find the perfect ones for you.

Keep Heavy-Duty Straps Protected During Winter Months

B&G Discount offers the best in the business for tie downs and heavy-duty straps. Now that winter is finally getting into it and the weather is getting harsher, you can protect all your equipment with heavy-duty straps, by storing them in effective, and sometimes creative, ways. With the variety of options that B&G Discount offers, you can restock or get your first tie downs and straps for when warmer weather is back again.